Good News! JY Care just renovated its own in-house testing lab with the most recent technologies!

Good News! JY Care just renovated its own in-house testing lab with the most recent technologies!

JY Care’s commitment to our customers can be traced back to when we started our business in the medical supply field a decade ago. We promise to produce only the highest quality ASTM masks in order to provide Canadians with a safer environment to breath, engage, and enjoy without the interruption of COVID-19 or other diseases. With countless positive reviews and testimonials from our customers and partners, we do not stop the pursuit of top quality within the industry; we seek to polish our products with higher standards over time. That is why, since the beginning of the year, we have been planning to renovate our in-house testing lab to have an even better grasp of our test results. Let’s talk about some interesting aspects this renovation brings.

Why is it important for mask manufacturers to have an in-house testing lab?

Just as most mask manufacturers, JY Care conducts regular outsourced ASTM tests (which is the highest standard rating for surgical face masks by the FDA) in a variety of credible Ontario testing facilities such as Cambridge and Kinetics. These agencies can provide PPE suppliers and purchasers with a unified standard for medical products.  So why is it important for us to have an in-house testing lab that costs more time, money, and effort? To answer it in a simple way: because we care about raw materials. Although testing agencies can provide us with universal and reliable results, and we are able to guarantee that each batch of masks is produced in an ISO 8 cleanroom environment; the condition of raw materials might affect the quality of masks as well. Especially when it comes to blood resistance and Sub-Micro Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE). JY Care’s in-house testing lab mainly focuses on conducting regular tests on each batch of raw material. We are proud to say that with the grasp on the quality guarantee of every single batch, we offer safer and more reliable ‘Made in Canada’ masks than many other masks on the market.

What features JY Care’s in-house testing lab?

JY Care’s in-house testing lab consists of several parts: blood resistant testing, pressure testing, product measurements as well as our latest edition of the filter testing facility.

What new features does this renovation bring?

The main new feature is the addition of filtration testing. We are able to obtain one of the latest models with up to 99.9999 percent efficiency and superior quality testing for penetration and pressure drop for filter media, filters and filter cartages. The newer generation also provides us with a higher sensitivity on drop pressure and flow rate, along with consistent and convincing PFE results. The same facility has been used by numerous testing centers and certification agencies, which means the same standard has been applied internationally. This includes the USA commercial respirator regulation as well as Chinese respirator standard GB2626; Japanese respirator standard JMOL; European EN 143 and ISO 16900-3 related respirator standards. We conduct the same filtration tests on every single batch of our spunbond and melt blown nonwoven fabric, to ensure every layer of our mask meets international respirator standards.

How does it work and how is it going to impact JY Care’s products?

The renovation of our in-house testing lab also means a stricter quality control process. Tests are conducted as soon as the arrival of raw materials, and the fabrics that fail to pass will be disposed of. For our customers, this means a safer and more reliable product at the same price. For our partners, specifically medical facilities and PPE suppliers/purchasers, this means that our product is more compatible than ever. As part of our commitment to you, we keep offering our customers and partners top-quality masks that are tested numerous times before use, with the same lead time, price, and rapid logistics.

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