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Non-Slip Durable Shoes Cover 100 Pack (50 Pairs)

Non-Slip Durable Shoes Cover 100 Pack (50 Pairs)

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Our shoe covers boast a durable rubber band at the end, ensuring superior quality compared to typical hand-made covers. The robust band resists breakage, providing stability and security as you move.

Safeguard your shoes from dust in various settings such as museums, workplaces, indoor carpeted floors, cars, and gardens. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use at home, during travel, and at parties, these covers help maintain cleanliness, protecting your carpets and floors from unwanted dirt and preserving a neat environment.

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Product features

  • Made in Canada

  • 30g Melt Blown

    30g Melt blown

  • Anti Droplets

    Anti Droplets

  • North American Sourced

    North American Sourced

  • 3 or 4 Layer Protection

    3 or 4 Layer Protection

  • face mask icon

    Adjustable Nose Bridge

  • face mask icon

    OEM Options

  • Superior Breathability Rating

    Superior Breathability Rating